In every single case we aim for the economically most viable solution. Being a partner to our clients, we know their business and thus have a much better understanding of what makes a solution viable.

Competent Partners

Combining highest quality standards with the dedicated service of a local partner – that is what we expect from ourselves everyday and what we thus are being measured against.


We don’t get lost in technicalities.

Streamlined organisational structures and the use of modern technology guarantee efficiency.


We agree with Thomas A. Edison:


“There’s a way to do it better – find it!”


“The extraordinary is always the measure of all greatness.”*

We are an established and renowned boutique, not a big law firm. And that is how it is supposed to stay.

Only thus can we sustain our high level of dedication in rendering our services.

*(Stefan Zweig)


Partnership means commitment!

Thus, our clients rightly expect and value our dedication for their cause.

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