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Whether you’re an Austrian company wanting to do business abroad, or an international company wanting to do business or resolve a dispute in Austria, we can support you as a reliable partner.

As a member of IR Global, an elite network of law firms, accountants and financial advisors, with members in 155 jurisdictions, we can rely upon worldwide boutique-level expertise without the expensive overhead of international law firms.

A Different Perspective

The group’s founding philosophy was based on bringing the best of the advisory community into a sharing economy; a system, which is ethical, sustainable and provides significant added value to the client.

Businesses today require more than just a traditional lawyer or accountant. IR Global is at the forefront of this transition with members providing strategic support and working closely alongside management teams to help realise their vision. We believe the archaic ‘professional service firm’ model is dying due to it being insular, expensive and slow. In IR Global, forward thinking clients now have a credible alternative, which is open, cost effective and flexible.

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